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We offer industry standard services such as Direct, Rush, Sameday, Overnight as well as customized services and rates. Our services are based on your needs.


Our drivers carry mobile handheld devices in which they connect to our dispatchers in real-time. These devices allow them to communicate in data mode or voice so that critical information may be passed to them immediately.

Our GPS (Global Positioning System) Technology allows our dispatchers have up-to-the minute location tracking of our drivers. This information allows us to provide an enhanced level of customer service in the following ways:

  • Selecting which driver is the closest to the pick up point for the delivery
  • Identifying how long a driver has been at a location that requires additional time for loading or unloading the delivery
  • Timely updates on the driver’s location and direction allows the dispatcher to make a quick decision in assigning the delivery and providing a quicker response time for the delivery